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Read real Japanese.

A new kind of Japanese dictionary for learners of all levels and beyond.

Launching soon on iOS, Android, and your browser.

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Launching soon on iOS, Android, and your browser.

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Sleek design,
easy navigation.

Customizable cards show you the content you want, with a fresh and uncluttered design.
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13,000+ Kanji
180,000+ Definitions
200,000+ Examples

Quick search.

Smart search bar with auto-suggestions to help you input kana, radicals and all kinds of filters.
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Get the list of jōyō kanji with radical 手:
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Find all common verbs in JLPT N3:
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Study smarter.

Tired of handwriting kanji again and again and never remembering them? Stop cramming, there are better ways:


As easy as 1 + 1.

Formula example


For visual learners.

Graph example


Stories to tie everything together.

Mnemonic example

Level up.

Need more guidance with the basics or want to dig deeper? We've got you covered.

The interface and content adapt to your level. Choose one of the preconfigured profiles or customize your own.


Color Coded.

All kanji, readings and words are ranked and color coded by frequency of usage.
Instantly identify what is commonly used and focus on what matters.
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Read real Japanese.

Ditch your textbooks, we've got better examples from the real world.

Anime, drama, jpop, news, forums... Learn from what you care about.

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Join the community.

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Build your vocabulary

Bookmark words and kanji to build your own lists, share them or use someone else’s.

Use it everywhere

Your preferences and lists are synced to the cloud. Access them on other devices or browsers.

Sharing is caring

Share your translations, mnemonics, vocabulary lists and others’ contributions.

And much more to come...


Launching soon to iOS, Android, and your browser.

Be an early adopter.

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